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almir's videos:

 almir og puffene - teaser 1

 almir og puffene - teaser 2

video by André Løyning

I've had the pleasure of being a part of the Nathional theatret 17. May program and i enjoyed so much playing with members from Oslo Symphony orchestra!

The Lark

New Day - Bosko Jovic, Daniel Lazar & Almir Meskovic

Almir & Daniel - Documentary 2016 (norwegian)

Silje Nergaard/Almir Meskovic - Panderosa (OnklP)

Hver gang vi møtes 2015

Historia de un Torshov

Great memories from Torshov Theatret captured by Christian Skolmen!

The Kuraybers and The Norwegian Radio Symphony Orchestra (KORK) in Oslo Konserthus 2014

Video: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Music: Bent Lorentzen

Played by almir meskovic

Café de Flore - Almir Meskovic & Silje Nergaard

Fetterforeningen - Sommerfelger i vinterland

The Kuraybers - Documentary

The seven of us represent six different nationalities and we all got together through the environment of the Norwegian Academy of Music here in Oslo.
While the band consists of two Norwegians, one Catalan and one Polish, three other instrumentalists among us have a strong connection to Balkan folk music which gives the band a distinctive direction.

"Bulchenska Ratchenitsa" - The Kuraybers live at Jakob Kirke

Irish Pub - The Kuraybers live at Jakob Kirke

Ajde Jano - The Kuraybers live at Jakob Kirke

Anitra's Dance - The Kuraybers live at Jakob Kirke

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